“For 17 years and counting, the Vasta team has consistently been there for us and delivered in critical situations.”

David J. Stern, Commissioner  
National Basketball Association

“Vasta & Associates has been there to assist us at major events for nearly 23 years.  Vasta has always brought tremendous value and expertise to our organization.”

Dan Flynn, CEO and Secretary General
United States Soccer Federation

“When I hit the ground on our biggest events and see Vasta on the operations, well, I just stop worrying. The Vasta team has been doing a great job for us, year after year!”

Tom Cochran, CEO and Executive Director
United States Conference of Mayors

“Vasta was a critical part of a great transportation team that created and implemented a comprehensive plan that serviced over 265,000 fans for the Formula One weekend. The third highest attended Formula One weekend in the world.”

Steve Sexton, CEO
Circuit of the Americas

“A magnificent job for the 2002 Breeders’ Cup… This was the smoothest major thoroughbred event ever held as far as getting in and out of the track. No other track any place has ever had a traffic program equal to the one that you have established.”

Richard L. Duchossois, Chairman
Arlington Park Racecourse

“Thanks to Vasta, balancing high expectations, minimizing challenges, and working effectively under pressure helped make this year’s Convention and Inauguration a tremendous success.”

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts

“Airport operations are critical,’ said Vasta, an engineer who has directed operations for bigger events, including World Cup, Super Bowl XXIX and NBA All-Star Games. ‘It’s the first and last impression visitors get of the city.’ And impressions are everything when it comes to hosting one of the most historically important made-for-TV spectacles.”

Chicago Tribune on the 1996 Democratic National Convention