Overview: Vasta & Associates has been building a unique mobile platform, EventQueue (EQ), since 2015 that streamlines traffic, navigation, parking, crowd control and security, in real-time. EQ offers much more to a city, venue, or facility in terms of security, sustainability, and efficiency. EQ creates a digital evacuation plan utilizing crowd sourcing, heat mapping, geo-fencing and other proprietary technology, and puts in all in one place for the user. This unique new technology not only serves the user/fan as well as the authorities and planners, but it’s also a tool for all those citizens trying to avoid the event traffic and congestion. Vasta & Associates as an operations company, and now a software company, will solve event challenges and enhance smart city technologies like never before. With 24 years of experience and leveraging our experience with new technology, Vasta is going to benefit our existing customers and many new customers. Our EQ technology crosses over to many global markets, is sustainable to smart cities, and captures critical data and analytics.

The Growing Problem: Event planners, organizers, city officials, participants, and fans are no strangers to the transportation challenges and complexities that accompany hosting and attending major events. Weather problems, safety concerns, navigating traffic, searching for parking, and waiting in long lines, are just a few of the symptoms that surface from the problem that the Vasta team has set out to solve with the EQ Platform. EQ is a mobile technology platform maximizes space and flow in real-time enabling attendees to take the easiest routes to parking and navigate accurately in, and around, venues. Digital evacuation plans and real-time navigation, specific to the infrastructure and actual traffic scenarios, will provide event planners with a new industry standard to monitor mass movements as well as communicate safety and security information effectively.

The Opportunity: The growing popularity of major sporting events, business conferences, conventions, and music festivals are only some of the mass gatherings that have brought the burden of transportation and security challenges to the forefront of these operations. Attendees should be spending more time enjoying the event experience and not waiting in endless lines (traffic, foot, or public transportation) figuring out how to navigate the venue and surrounding infrastructure. In addition, the critical issue of event evacuation in emergency situations (weather, threats, or other) has become a tough reality for event planners and venue stakeholders. EQ helps both event planners and attendees solve these issues while remaining a “friendly” application that can assist with finding ordinary points-of-interest such as concessions, water stations, shorter merchandise lines, restrooms, or simply a better way to get around the site. Leaders in municipalities and business are more open than ever to engaging in private-public partnerships to help increase the quality of citizens’ lives, and Vasta is currently proving it with their smart city technology advancements with the City of Louisville.

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