We have a unique business opportunity that has come from being in the event industry for 20+ years and leveraging our experience, technology, and existing clients. This exciting new technology will disrupt a huge industry while capturing data on billions of fans/users. And there will be deep synergies and benefits with cities for any mass gathering, as this creates natural mass evacuation plans.

EventQueue (EQ) begins by streamlining traffic, navigation, crowd control and security, in real-time, and offers much more to a venue in terms of new revenues and efficiency. Our event technology crosses over to many global markets, is sustainable to cities, and captures critical data and analytics. We are in the middle of a seed round and looking for great partners and opportunities.

Here is a recent article on us at “Built In Chicago”:

Lou Vasta, founder of EQ, is a former engineer (kiewit.com) and current consultant for the NBA, U.S. Conference of Mayors, Circuit of the Americas (Formula 1), U.S. Soccer Federation, Breeders’ Cups, government conventions, racetracks, and more. His company designs and implements operational and transportation plans for Presidential Inaugurations, DNC’s, Olympics, World Cups, Formula 1, All-Star Games, Super Bowls, etc. (vasta.com). Vasta and his partner, Terrence Ryan, are creating a mobile platform (with 20+ years experience in the industry) that streamlines transportation, navigation, crowd control, and security. EQ will revolutionize how events are attended, and planned by organizers across the globe.
While sports leagues are struggling to fill seats and enhance customer experience, and cities are challenged with how to keep crowds safe, EQ maximizes space and flow in real-time and solves these concerns with a colossal social and logistics platform. Whether getting someone out of traffic, into the parking lots, or lined up at the gates with the shortest line. And, even more importantly, this platform creates a real-time evacuation plan when, and if, an emergency happens.
EQ has built a strong advisory team that includes former Mayor Richard Daley, Howard Tullman, Lori Healey (Chicago 2016 Olympic Bid, NATO Summit), Amreesh Modi (former CTO, NAVTEQ) and other business and sports leaders.
Vasta’s partner, Terrence Ryan (CEO, LaunchPoint), comes from an extensive tech background leveraging mass data, Software as a Service, and Cloud technology. Ryan sold his first company, Knightsbridge, to Hewlett Packard back in 2006 and currently has LaunchPoint as a Top #100 on “Inc’s 500” list of fastest growing companies:

For more information, our investor deck, and/or videos, please contact Lou Vasta, Lvasta@vasta.com

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