After my meeting this week with one of our key advisers, Howard Tullman, it brought my focus back to the real value of the platform that we at Vasta & Associates are building, and the spot-on article a few months back that Howard wrote (I’ve posted it below). I’m excited at what our future will bring, and that future is right around the corner!
Our small business of 20+ years will do three things as we build our new mobile technology platform:
1.) Build something necessary in our market that the Fortune 500’s can’t do at this time.
2.) Create our own criteria and standards that not only fix our industry, but disrupt it for the better; and, watch it crossover to other industries.
3.) Offer our users/fans independent, customized information and details specific to their needs, their wants, and their desires.

See Howard Tullman’s article on building a powerful platform:

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