What may a university education look like ten years from now? What is it already starting to look like? As a firm believer in higher education and everything that college offers, even beyond the classroom and books, I find this short video from Sal Khan of Khan Academy, dead on for what employers should be asking of our young pool of eager career seekers.


      This is about more than good grades, and I’m all for the “C” student because I was one of those. This is about what have you done that stands out? What have you been, or currently are, a part of? What are you capable of doing, and why do you think so?


      Note to parents of high-school students: Maybe start grooming your kids to be comfortable in these areas, and after school matters. Even if your kids are not born or motivated to be leaders, which is all good, this forecast is likely to help build strong qualities, confidence, and just be helpful in life.




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